Quick Release Hook

The Quick Release Hook (QRH) is improved substitute of mooring bollards. QRF provide a safe, effective, reliable and labor-saving method of ship mooring. The hook is designed to withstand the harsh environment. It is widely used in large a quay or piers as emergency systems, specially suitable for gas, oil and chemical terminals.

Hellohasea can supply full capacities QRH with or without integrated electric capstans. Hooks can be released manually or remotely in single, double, triple or quadruple hook assembly. If QRH is work at hazardous locations, we will supply non-sparking and electrically insulated hook. The Quick Release Hook enables mooring lines to be secured safely with a minimum of effort. All hooks swivel in both vertical and horizontal planes, can release whether the moorings are slack or under full Safe Working Load in manual effort easily.

We not only can produce our standard QRH, but also supply custom products to suit specific bolt patterns or of weld down design to suit steel foundation structures