Deck Fittings

Hellohasea can manufacture and supply line of deck fitting in various standards (JIS, DIN, NS ETC.) Main products

Panama Chocks (Standard: JIS F 2017, JIS F 2005, JIS F 2007, JIS F 2030, DIN81915, NS2589 ETC.)

Deck bollards (Standard: DIN 82607, JIS F 2001 ETC.)

Closed Chocks, Open Chocks, Button Chocks

Mooring eye (Standard: JIS F 3410 ETC.)

Universal Fairleads

Roller-fairleads (JIS F 2026, JIS F 2004, DIN 72028 ETC.)

Multiple standard and customized roller

Warping-rollers (Standard: JIS F 2014, DIN 81906, DIN 81907, NS2585 ETC.)

Warping head

Hatch Assembly

Door assembly

Manhole cover (JIS F 2304 ETC.)


Chain stopper ( JIS F 2033, JIS F 2015, JIS F 2016, JIS F 2023, JIS F 2031 ETC.)


Main types